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At Roadrunner Expeditions, we are fairly certain we have some of the most easy-going, adventurous and fun-loving guests of any other tour company. And by cultivating enduring relationships, we are fortunate to see some again, sometimes year after year. 

Below are some of their generous testimonials. To protect their privacy, we are using images of some of our favorite tour critters, which are in no way indicative of the appearance, stature or personalities of our guests. All resemblances are purely coincidental.

Wild Alaska Humpback.jpg

“I can’t think of a more meaningful six days I’ve had in my whole life. From our early days planning with you through the end of the trip itself, everything happened so seamlessly that for a brief moment in time, I was able to forget my worries long enough to see the world with new eyes. I always felt safe, cared for, and respected. Your excellent planning made this my trip of a lifetime.”

Cookie B.

Black Bear Alaska

“Thank you kindly for your guidance on our early summer trip. I certainly do not get up to Alaska very often, thus it is important that my cherished time in that incredible region be nothing less than excellent.  I am grateful that the guides ran a smooth and cheery trip. It was very appropriate for me that the guides loved the land and sea passionately and set a tone of pure fascination and reverence.”

Stephen B.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
Sedona Toad.jpg

“Thank you for all you have done to make this Alaskan adventure experience all that we might have wished it to be and then some. We have collectively met over 100 guides in our decades of traveling and you clearly have proven to be in the upper echelon of our rating system. Furthermore, the most important objectives of this trip for our grandchildren was to open the beauty and wonders of the outdoors to them, such that they can begin the process of experiencing all of the personal growth and insights that such experiences have bestowed on both of us. Additionally, they will also have a benchmark of what an experienced and quality guide can deliver in support of the foregoing. It simply has been a joy to travel with you and would welcome our paths crossing again in some such future activity.”

Sy K.

New Mexico Purple Beetle.jpg

“You will be a person that I will remember for the rest of my life. First of all, you are a terrific guide who accommodated everything we could have asked for and more. Your knowledge and experience were not only a joy to be around, but you expressed it in a way that was calm and relaxed, allowing us to gain our own knowledge and experience at a pace that we could set. Secondly, you were able to handle the loud, argumentative, raunchy, and curious group of people that is my family. You added your own calm demeanor and great humor to a group of people who could not have appreciated it more.”

Parker I.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
Bloodstar Alaska.jpeg

“Thank you for all you did to provide me with an extraordinary nature experience.  Your professionalism, attention to detail, and passion for nature enriched me greatly and helped me feel comfortable as the newbie that I am, where nature is concerned. Your care for people and their stories also added a special dimension.  We are all on our distinctive journeys and your care and connection to that aspect of the trip helped deepen my own experience. In short, we weren’t just numbers and felt cared for by you.”

Ondine G.

Tahoe Golden Mantled Squirrel.jpg

“Jeff and I both thank you for a trip that went far beyond our expectations. Your knowledge, thoughtfulness, good humor and easy going care of us have been nothing short of fabulous. We both feel lucky to have you as our guide! Thanks so much fo all you’ve done to make our vacation so great. We’ll never forget it...Your knowledge, energy, organization and enthusiasm astound.”

Barbara & Jeff W.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
Image by Diana R.

“I wanted to thank you again for being so wonderful. Your kindness, patience and understanding was so appreciated. Your thoughtfulness and interest in the smaller as well as larger details made the trip so much more interesting. I so appreciated how you walked at my pace, pointing out all the wonderful vignettes.”


Bahamas Atlantic Spotted Dolphin.jpg

“Thank you again for your patience and expert guidance in difficult circumstances. You obviously put a lot of effort into making everything even better than it should be. I learned a great deal about the desert, the area, and about my own capabilities at age 77.”

Andrew D.

TESTIMONIALS: Testimonials
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