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Walking Through Time

Grand Canyon & Sedona: Welcome


FROM $3850

Prices are set per person, per double occupancy, and do not include airfare, travel insurance or gratuities. Please contact us for an exact quote.


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Best in April, May, September & October


7 days, 6 nights; 4-12 guests


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Grand Canyon & Sedona: Vacations
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  • Descend through millions of years of the earth's history into Grand Canyon National Park, the only one of the Seven Natural Wonders in North America

  • Wander through the scenic trails, rare conifers and the famous red rocks of Sedona in Coconino National Forest

  • Explore native petroglyphs and ruins, and learn about their ancient artists and inhabitants

  • Get all the feels, from the thrill of hiking into a dormant volcano to the quiet calm from meditating in an energy vortex

  • Discover the best of Northern Arizona: spectacular trails, delicious Southwestern cuisine, and great accommodations

Grand Canyon & Sedona: About Us
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The Grand Canyon & Sedona: Walking Through Time

The Grand Canyon is one of the world's greatest natural marvels—a cross section of the earth’s layers spanning the expanse of time. And Sedona, its younger cousin, glows brightly with red rocks and captivating formations. Lose yourself in the colorful expanse of Northern Arizona and discover natural treasures at every turn. With mind-blowing nature, insightful cultural excursions, charming hotels and restaurants, you'll quickly fall under the Southwest’s spell.

Begin your trip in the resort town of Scottsdale, due east of Phoenix. After a festive night in Old Town, head north in latitude and up in elevation, stopping to hike into the caldera of an extinct volcano before ending the day on the south rim of the Grand Canyon.  Spend the next two days exploring the ins and outs of this natural treasure and appreciating its age-old majesty. Leave the Grand Canyon and head into the Navajo nation and national parkland sites—Wapakte, Sunset Crater and Walnut Canyon—to hike their canyons, crawl into their dwellings, and learn how the native people survived in an otherwise inhospitable desert. Continue on to the desert town of Sedona, celebrated by its surrounding Coconino National Forest, painted in magnificent red rock formations. Over the next few days, hike its rocky canyons, dip your toes in the refreshing Oak Creek, and enjoy incredible photographic opportunities in this place that just seems to make everyone happy. Every night, relax and unwind in Southwestern hospitality with comfortable, well-situated hotels and delicious regional fare.

The Grand Canyon and Sedona are on many people’s bucket list for good reason. They are a world-class living laboratory of geologic sciences and diverse habitats, a focal point of Native American history, and a photographer’s mecca. Roadrunner’s “Walking Through Time” itinerary is rich fodder for curious minds, complementing the must-see destinations with enriching and less well-known excursions and visits. Join us in this unforgettable walk through time and get a new view of a very old America.

Grand Canyon & Sedona: Tours
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Grand Canyon & Sedona: Price Quote
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"Northern Arizona… surrounded by a fragrant piney forest under a peaceful turquoise sky… what a perfect retreat, he thought, from the pace and pressure of modern living."

Paul Harvey, “The Ghost and Don Dedera”

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