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Close to Home, Yet a World Away

We believe North America is the unsung hero of the travel world, a treasure trove of the planet’s greatest and oldest protected wilderness areas. Massive, diverse, and awe-inspiring, these protected parks, forests, seashores and national monuments serve as our outdoor temples and places of peace, as well as our legacy for future generations to enjoy.

Roadrunner Expeditions invites you to take the trip of a lifetime—not to the ends of the earth, but right here on our own continent. Close to home, yet a world away, a Roadrunner journey will introduce you to a North America you’ve never seen before, where natural wonder and cultural intrigue abound. Designed to stimulate mind, body and spirit, our tours do more than open your eyes to nature; they may just give you a new lease on life.  

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Sign up and go! We publish dates for our group trips as they become available.  Our schedule is continuously being updated with new offerings. Group trips are a great opportunity to meet other like-minded travelers, enjoy each other’s company, and share in the camaraderie of outdoor experiences. If you don’t see a place on our list that you think would make a great addition for a group experience, please let us know and we can discuss the possibilities.


Different people want different things. We get it. We listen to your requests and tailor trips to your needs. Custom trips can range across the map from choosing a special destination to kayaking with whales to staying at the right hotel, from hiking specific trails to learning photography. Find out what is possible!  We rely on our connections of over 30 years of adventure travel to connect you with the experts, the locals, and the guides that can build the trip that you want.



Are you part of a group of like-minded travelers, who have some ideas about where you’d like to go? Perfect! We work with many groups that travel with a purpose or shared interests, such as:

  • Nature clubs and enthusiasts

  • Women’s trips

  • Men’s trips

  • LGBTQ+

  • Corporate retreats

  • Student orientation trips (18+)

  • Alumni reunions

  • And more!


Give the gift of shared experiences! We specialize in helping extended families create memories to last a lifetime, accommodated for everyone’s busy schedules. Choose America’s most beautiful places to gather as a family, explore the local trails and attractions with expert guides, then enjoy carefree conversation and great meals that no one has to cook! We work with you every step of the way to build the perfect trip for the kids, the grandkids, and the grandparents alike. Reconnect with the family over an unforgettable life experience.

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